When we decided to release the Cinnamon Roll and Coconut variants of Chickow!, there were two things we didn’t anticipate: how quickly the beer would sell (we thought we’d made enough to at least last the weekend) and the volume of calls we received asking us hold bottles for people. After we sold out of everything on Friday, it got us to thinking about a way that die-hard Chickow fans could be guaranteed bottles without having to wait in line or work around their schedules. We also wanted to create something special for Chickow! junkies that goes beyond simply reserving bottles. After a few ideas were thrown around (and plenty of beers consumed), The League of Extraordinary Chickow!s was born.

Here’s what is included in the membership, which costs $110/year:

•4 exclusive bottled variants of Chickow!, which will be released throughout the year.

•One exclusive piece of high end swag

•Special growler fills of draft-only Chickow! variants, as well as first right of refusal of any variants created outside of these 4.

Schedule of Releases TBD. Last year’s were:

Q1 – High end swag, Turtle (Chocolate/Caramel) Chickow!
Q2 – Expresso (Vanilla/Coffee) Chickow!
Q3 – Exclusive bourbon barreled version of Chickow!
Q4 – A TBD Chickow! variant as chosen by the popular majority of League members. Last years’ was Marshmallow.

How the League will work:

Let’s say we have 100 people in the group and there are 300 bottles of Irish Cream Chickow! available. Everyone automatically gets one with their membership. All members will then have until a certain date to purchase up to 2 additional bottles, as there would be 200 bottles remaining after everyone automatically gets their one. Should there be any bottles remaining after that, they will be offered on a first come, first served basis to League members only.

We currently have a bunch of barrels aging Chickow!, with barrels ranging from Buffalo Trace to Heaven Hill to Willet Rye, among others. We will release some as just straight versions of the barrel like we have before with Heaven Hill and Pappy van Winkle. We will also add adjuncts (coffee, vanilla beans, etc) to some of these. One of these will be selected as the exclusive bourbon barrel Chickow! expression, meaning only people in the League have the ability to buy it. The others will be offered to the League first to buy, so members will not have to come to release day to buy their bottles.

Special growler fills of Chickow! will still have to be paid for, but no one else can take a growler home besides League members.

It’s also important to note that we will have more than just the above-mentioned 4 variants of Chickow!. These beers will be offered first to the group (with an allocation limit) and the remaining will be sold to the public via our tasting room. We will set limits on them so that some bottles do make it out into the public.

Welcome to the best beer club in Ohio. Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Chickow!s.



How do we pick up our bottles?

You email chickowleague@gmail.com 24 hours in advance to let us know that you will be picking up bottles. You can come in during normal tasting room hours to pick up what bottles you have already paid for.  If you do not email 24 hours in advance, you will not be able to pick up bottles. Don’t be that guy that comes in during a Xavier Basketball game to pick up bottles. No body likes that guy.

What if we are Charlie Conway and we offer you a game used Mighty Ducks jersey? Can I pick up my bottles without the email 24 hours in advance rule?

Sorry Charlie. No dice. You have to email 24 hours in advance so that we can get everything ready. But thanks for your support!

What if we cannot pick up the beer ourselves?

You can name someone a trustee at sign up and they can pick up your bottles at any time (with advance email). You can also email us and let us know that someone will be in to pick them up, as long as this is done 24 hours in advance

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